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4.0mm x 350mm 1 Kilo Pack

Price: £34.86

Nikko Steel CIN-2 A5.15 ENiFe-CI

In engineering fabricational work, welding is only undertaken after the welding procedure trials have been established on base materials of known specifications.

With maintenance welding, often the component to be repaired is of unknown specification or a high carbon steel casting or a cast iron. Both of which are known to have poor weldability.

Thus, consumables for maintenance welding have an inbuilt safety factor in terms of the degree of dilution they can tolerate with a wide range of base materials without detracting from the ductility or strength of the weld metal.

The inbuilt safety factor is also extended as the weld deposits for problem steels diffuse hydrogen quickly through the molten weld pool, so protecting the heat affected zones from hydrogen embrittlement.

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